Online Money Making, Just How much Are we Talking About

A common term which people use nowadays is eCommerce. It pertains to earning of money through online ventures, launched on the internet. Although people use this phrase of earning money online but a few of us actually know the procedure of how online presence can earn you money. Yet even fewer know how much amount […]

The Semantics of Online Economy

The advent of internet gave rise to a new era of information. Knowledge and data being shared everywhere electronically. You don’t have to be at a certain place, yet your reach can extend to that location through cyber space. This phenomenon certainly gave rise to another kind of economy, the cyber economy. Anything and everything […]

Scams to Avoid When Making Money Online

Making money online is an exciting prospect and whilst you will find real ways to make money online there are also scams that you need to watch for. These scams may require you to pay upfront, sell something or sign up to something that you are then charged for. Here are some scams that you […]

Real Ways to Make Money Online

There are plenty of opportunities out there to make some money online, but not all of them are legitimate. Here are real ways to make money online. Paid Surveys An easy way to make money online is by completing surveys. There are plenty of sites that are legitimate and do pay for each completed survey. […]

Happy Leap Year 2016, February 29, 2016

Think about this for a second… You are very skilled and have unlimited potential!

Dr. Kochuparambil, “I have some good news.”

My family and I met with Dr. Kochuparambil this morning. He had a smile on his face as he entered the room and shook our hands, saying, “I have some good news.” The lung cancer turns out to be Adenocarcinoma which is a lot better than Small Cell lung cancer. It is stage 4 as […]

A Thank You from Father Mike Tegeder

Thank you all for the many messages of support. I had a good weekend. At St Frances Cabrini the community prayed over me and I was anointed at both out Saturday and Sunday celebrations. A number of friends from my former parishes of St Edwards and Our Lady of the Lake were present. My friend […]

Nicholas Black Elk Intercessory prayer

I enter this beautiful prayer in a humble spirit. – Father Mike Tegeder —– Nicholas Black Elk Intercessory prayer Creator, your servant Nicholas Black Elk was a Lakota holy man and a Catholic catechist who brought the message of your son Jesus to many Indian people, and he taught all of us to recognize that […]

St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church 2.14.16 Audio Recording of Father Mike Tegeder

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